Happy Martin Luther King Jr day everyone!


Happy Martin Luther King Jr day everyone! Today we celebrate the birth and life of one of the most influential figures in history, certainly in American history, but even as a child in Morocco and Spain I heard of this outstanding figure. I still admire his quotes, so many that I find very moving, such… [Read More]

Happy Holidays!!

Thank you for taking the time in your busy holiday season to read my new blog. It’s a truly special time of the year. I love how so many spread so much warmth and cheer even if the days themselves are too cold for my taste! Unfortunately, it’s also a very stressful time for many… [Read More]

Veterans Day Thoughts

Hello everyone! I hope that you all are enjoying your weekend! I was sitting here on Sunday getting ready for my soccer game and thinking about how nice it is to have my husband home for all the upcoming holidays. And it made me think of Veterans Day. I recently posted a video honoring veterans… [Read More]

Great Opportunities with USDA Loans!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m excited to be nearly finished with a busy week, and ready for a weekend full of sports with each of my kids playing on Saturday and my own soccer game on Sunday. I’ll be all over Camden and Glynn counties this weekend, even heading down to Jacksonville more than once I’m… [Read More]

Labor Day Thanks

labor day photo

Happy Labor Day! I hope that everyone is enjoying some time off. I know that for some the kids will start school after the holiday weekend. For us here in GA and FL, they’ve long since gone back to school. While I’m glad that they are learning and growing, when they’re busy with their schoolwork… [Read More]

Lenders vs Brokers?

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The thing that I love most about writing these blogs is that I can take the time to INFORM people on a wide variety of subjects.  There are SO MANY misconceptions that exist about so many things.   One misconception that I face regularly is that mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers are the same thing, that… [Read More]

What Do Mortgages and Hydration Have in Common?


“Greetings from hot and sunny southern Georgia!  Just walking to the car today is an effort, and staying hydrated is CRITICAL in this weather. Trying to learn how to stay as hydrated as possible during the hot weather, I read an article about the myths of hydration and the problem with drinking too much water. (see links… [Read More]