Remembering Those Who Served

memorial-3394317_640I enjoy every Memorial Day for many reasons:  the end of school for our kids, the time off for family, the fireworks and barbecues, the parades and celebration of our military members.  Yet I often reflect that people frequently forget the true meaning of Memorial Day:  to remember our fallen service members.

Military service members sacrifice so much on a daily basis to defend our freedom and liberty.  My husband is a Naval officer serving on submarines, and I have many friends deployed overseas (Remember Our Deployed!).  While I am so grateful for their service, I also worry at times for their safety as I know that their professions require that they be ready to lay down their lives, if necessary, to defend us.  I pray often for their safe return, but I know that it’s possible that they may never return.  And I am heart-broken when I meet the families whose fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters will never return because they made that sacrifice.

I am PROUD to offer services for active duty service members, including conventional and VA loans which generally will suit their needs, but I am especially passionate about assisting the family members of our fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.  I hope that this Memorial Day we can all take a moment from our family festivities, from our time with friends, from the great food and parades, and remember instead the true meaning of this holiday.  Let’s pay honor to our fallen heroes, and appreciate always their sacrifice.  Let’s take a break from the hateful political fighting and remember who truly fought for us.  Let’s be silent for a moment and remember the graves of our forever silent service members.

And then, let’s enjoy EVERY MOMENT of our holiday, of our family and friends, and our freedoms, because that’s what they fell for, defending those very liberties that we celebrate.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!  And may God bless every one of our veterans and their families, especially the families of our fallen heroes.