Veterans Day Thoughts

Hello everyone!

I hope that you all are enjoying your weekend! I was sitting here on Sunday getting ready for my soccer game and thinking about how nice it is to have my husband home for all the upcoming holidays. And it made me think of Veterans Day. I recently posted a video honoring veterans on the holiday itself, but I just felt that I had more to share about this very special subject. I don’t want to only honor veterans on one day of the year, and I’m sure that we all have the same sentiments.

So, in that spirit, I want to start this blog by saying to all the veterans out there IMG_0478thank you for your service. I know that nowadays people say this frequently, and I know that some veterans may think that these have become empty words. Please be assured that nothing is further from the truth! I think that the experience of serving in the military is so far beyond what most citizens experience that they may have a hard time relating to the sacrifices that our veterans make. Take my husband for example: he deploys on a nuclear submarine for months at a time, almost all of which is spent underwater and out of communication with me and our kids. Yet I know he does this to keep his family and his country safe. And I am so thankful for him and for all who serve.

I want to talk today about VA loans. I am surprised at the number of veterans that I speak with who know next to nothing about this amazing product. Zero down payment. And it’s a wonderful option for our service members and veterans, many of whom have sacrificed so much and yet struggle to afford a home of their own.

How do I know if I’m eligible for this program? If you are active duty military, or have ever been active duty, you are eligible for a VA loan! Just bring your military ID or DD214 (for former service members) and we will step you through the process. There are still other requirements that you must meet (maximum debt to income ratio, minimum credit score, etc.), but these are generally simpler and easier than for other loan programs. And I think that it’s absolutely warranted for our veterans who have risked so much for our liberty.

What if you already have a VA loan? Can I use this program again? VA loans are only for primary residences, not for investments or extended families But that’s where the veteran experience differs from so many: you may have received orders or have been discharged and now cannot live in your original primary home that you secured with a VA loan. What if you can’t sell? What if you want to rent that home but need another? The VA program allows you to finance a home in your new duty station. Just bring your orders showing the change of station and you’re set. All that’s required is an increased funding fee for having more than one VA loan at a time. Don’t worry: this fee adds less than a dollar a month to your mortgage cost.

VA loans are my favorite loan program, not just for the financial benefits described here, but more importantly for the service it offers to those who have served so faithfully.

I’m proud to be a part of a military family. And proud of every veteran that I meet. And I truly mean “thank you for your service.”

I look forward to serving you soon!